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10×10 Japanese Photobooks
Edited by Matthew Carson, Michael Lang, Russet Lederman and Olga Yatskevich. New York: 10×10 Photobooks in association with International Center of Photography and Photobook Facebook Group, 2014.

4to.; illustrated throughout in color and B+W; French-fold pages and 20 gatefolds in Japanese binding; Hardcover illustrated boards. 9.5×6.5 in (24×17 cm).

Limited First Edition of 400.
Text in English and Japanese by Akira Hasegawa, Atsushi Fujiwara, Dan Abbe and Eric Miles. Photography by Mathieu Asselin, Jeff Gutterman and Olga Yatskevich. Design by SYB. Lithography by Colour & Books. Printed by Mart.Spruijt, Amsterdam. ISBN: 978-0-692-20866-3.

Pre-purchase Price: $88 Plus Shipping
One book Per Customer Only

This pre-purchase price is effective until
midnight EST September 17, 2014.

$4 Media Mail (US only)
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$26 (International First Class USPS)
Or save on shipping and pick up your pre-paid copy at the Unseen Photo Fair in Amsterdam from 18-21 September.

Upon 10×10′s Release Date of Sept. 18, Prices Will Increase

Copies 001-200 – $100 plus shipping
Copies 201-300 – $125 plus shipping
Copies 301-400 – $150 plus shipping



About the New 10×10 Japanese Photobooks Publication

Printed in a limited numbered edition of 400, this “book on books” presents selections by twenty photobook specialists.

As a catalog associated with the traveling 10×10 Japanese Reading Room and Online space, the book offers an in-depth visual investigation of twenty highlighted books – one from each specialist’s selection of ten books – and a visual appendix that documents all 200 Japanese photobooks.

Designed by the Dutch graphic design studio SYB (designer of Viviane Sassen’s Flamboya and Carolyn Drake’s Two Rivers) with lithography and technical supervision by Colour & Books, 10×10 Japanese Photobooks lavishly presents the highlighted books across multiple full-page wrap-around spreads with selector commentaries. Texts include the last essay by the late Akira Hasegawa (photo editor of Masahisa Fukase’s Ravens), an interview by writer Dan Abbe with photographer and Asphalt editor Atsushi Fujiwara, and an historical overview by photo-eye book specialist Eric Miles.


The 10×10 Japanese Photobooks publication includes extensive photo documentation of these highlighted books:



10×10 Japanese Photobooks Reading Room Specialists:

Dan Abbe and Andrew Thorn / PH
Tomoka Aya / The Third Gallery Aya
Ferdinand Brueggemann / Galerie Priska Pasquer
Atsushi Fujiwara / Asphalt Magazine
Yasunori Hoki / Super Labo
Akio Nagasawa / BLD Gallery
Christopher Phillips and Deirdre Donohue / International Center of Photography
Yoko Sawada / Osiris
Kunihiro Takahashi / Tosei-sha
Ivan Vartanian / Goliga

10×10 Japanese Photobooks Online Specialists:

Ken Iseki / My New Notebook
Lilian Froger / 748= photobooks
Kohei Oyama / Parapera
Nicolas Codron / A Japanese Book
Victor Sira and Shiori Kawasaki / bookdummypress
Laurence Vecten / One year of books
Marco Bohr / Visual Culture Blog
Rémi Coignet + Nina Poppe / Des Livres et des photos
Marc Feustel / Eyecurious

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Unseen Photo Fair

10×10 Japanese Reading Room will be at:

Unseen Photo Fair in Amsterdam
(Living Room Space)
18 – 21 September 2014.

Come see all the amazing Japanese books there!

Also look out for the launch of the
10×10 Japanese Photobooks publication.



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The 2nd set of 10×10 Japanese Photobooks Trading Cards are now on sale for $25 per pack.

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Making their premier at the PGH Photo Fair at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsuburgh, 10×10 is pleased to bring you another 10 important photobooks on trading cards.

And don’t forget to check-out our first trading card set.

Included in this set are:

Takashi Homma,  Mushrooms from the Forest Orie Ichihara, Paris Mao Ishikawa, Hot Days in Camp Hansen Taisuke Koyama, Entropix Yurie Nagashima, Yurie Nagashima Ikko Narahara, Espana: Grand Tarde Masafumi Sanai, Pylon Yutaka Takanashi, Machi Yoshihiko Ueda, At Home Kazuo Toshida, Air Blue

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Get them all! Trade them with your friends!

Limited Edition 10×10 Japanese Photobooks Trading Cards.

Featuring Moriyama, Hosoe, Kawauchi, Nakahira, Onaka and many others.

Order them online before they run out . . .

Only $25 for 10 cards in a resealable silver mylar pack with a stick of Japanese chewing gum.

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Also check out the second set of trading cards, which was released on May 14, 2014

10x10 Japanese Trading Cards: Set #1

To mark the launch of the PGH Japanese Reading Room at the PGH Photo Fair at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh, 10×10 is releasing their exclusive line of Japanese photobook trading cards. The first series will include the following books, which will be highlighted in the PGH Reading Room from May 16-17:

Daido Moriyama, TKY (2011)
Koji Onaka, Matatabi (2012)
Yoshiichi Hara, Walk While Ye Have the Light (2011)
Takuma Nakahira, Circulation: Date, Place, Events (2012)
Rinko Kawauchi, Illuminance (2011)
Daido Moriyama, ’71-NY (2002)
Yuhki Touyama, Line 13 (2008)
Jun Abe, Citizens 1979-1983 (2009)
Yoshihiro Hagiwara, Snowy (2008)
Eikoh Hosoe, Simmon: A Private Landscape (2012)

10 cards per silver resealable mylar pouch with a stick of Japanese chewing gum.

10x10 Japanese Trading Card: Moriyama, TKY

Daido Moriyama, TKY (2011)

10x10 Japanese Trading Card: Kawauchi, Illuminance

Rinko Kawauchi, Illuminance (2011)

10x10 Japanese Trading Card: Hosoe, Simmon: A Private Landscape

Eikoh Hosoe, Simmon: A Private Landscape (2012)

10x10 Japanese Trading Card: Onaka, Matatabi

Koji Onaka, Matatabi (2012)

10x10 Japanese Trading Card: Hagiwara, Snowy

Yochihiro Hagiwara, Snowy (2008)

10x10 Japanese Trading Card: Hara, Walk While Ye Have The Light

Yoshiichi Hara, Walk While Ye Have The Light (2011)

10x10 Japanese Trading Card: Nakahira, Circulation: Date, Place, Events

Takuma Nakahira, Circulation: Date, Place, Events (2012)

10x10 Japanese Trading Card: Touyama, Line 13

Yuhki Touyama, Line 13 (2008)

10x10 Japanese Trading Card: Moriyama, '71-NY

Daido Moriyama, ’71-NY (2002)

10x10 Japanese Trading Card: Abe, Citizens 1979-1983

Jun Abe, Citizens 1979-1983 (2009)



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10×10 American Photobooks.
Edited by Matthew Carson, Russet Lederman and Olga Yatskevich. New York: 10×10 Photobooks and bookdummypress, 2013.

4to.; illustrated throughout in color and black-and-white; newsprint booklet insert; illustrated soft cover with printed vertical belly band.

Limited First Edition of 500.
Text in English and Japanese.
152 pages, 7.25 x 10 inches.
ISBN: 978-0-9896888-0-2

Limited supply. Please inquire about purchase at 10by10photobooks@gmail.com


Essays by David Levi Strauss, Tony White, Miwa Susuda, Ken Schles, Evan Mirapaul, Andrew Roth, Bernard Yenelouis, Michael Saur, Bryan Formhals and William E. Jones.

Designed in collaboration with Victor Sira and Shiori Kawasaki of bookdummypress, the publication is a way for you to experience the entire 10×10 project. This inventive Japanese manga design-inspired bilingual (Japanese-English) publication comes with a special newsprint insert designed by Pierre Le Hors and Tuomas Korpijaakko. As a comprehensive overview of the 10×10 American Photobooks project, it presents illustrated selection lists from all the specialists, along with essays on American photobook culture by noted artists, writers, publishers, curators and bibliophiles.


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Come visit the 10×10 Japanese Photobooks Reading Room
at the PGH Photo Fair

Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh
May 17-18

We are bringing over 100 Japanese photobooks for you to enjoy!

And don’t forget to pick up packs of our second release of Japanese photobook trading cards. Only available in PGH!

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We are working with MAPP Editions (digital arm of MACK Books) on a digital version of 10×10 American Photobooks. Look out for lots of new features!

Miwa Susuda

Miwa Susuda

Eric Miles

Eric Miles

Mathieu Asselin and Russet Lederman

Mathieu Asselin and Russet Lederman


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Will you be in Pittsburgh from May 17-18?
If yes, then stop by the Carnegie Museum for the PGH Photo Fair.

All visitors welcome!

10x 10 Japanese photobooks

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A big thank you to the following museum and institutional libraries (and their curatorial staff) for acquiring the 10×10 American Photobooks publication. We are so happy the book has found so many nice homes!

The Victoria and Albert Museum (London)

The Museum of Modern Art (NY)

George Eastman House (Rochester, NY)

The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art (NY)

Amon Carter Museum (Fort Worth, TX)

Carnegie Institute (Pittsburgh)

Pratt Institute (Brooklyn)

Fotomuseum Winterthur (Switzerland)

Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography (Japan)

International Center of Photography (NY)

Guggenheim Museum (NY)

Fotohof (Salzburg, Austria)

Brooklyn Museum (NY)

Lancaster Library, Coventry University (UK)

Memorial Library, University of Wisconsin at Madison

Virginia Commonwealth University Library (Richmond, VA)

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As big fans of photo-eye, we were honored to be invited to select 10 “best of 2013″ photobooks for their annual round-up.

Three people collaboratively selecting ten photobooks for a “best of 2013” list. Not an easy task. It requires a lot of discussion to see where there is overlap and where there is not. It can make for a bit of dysfunction. We started to notice that not just the process, but also many of the books on our list dealt with dysfunction in one way or another. A dysfunction that incites a discussion – much like our 10×10 practice. Here is our admittedly dysfunctional list for the best photobooks of 2013.

Read our selections on the photo-eye blog.

Here are a few of the books from our selection:

Igor Samolet. “be happy!”

Leiko Shiga Rasen Kaigan

Kosuke Okahara. “Vanishing Existence”

Pino Musi. “_08: 08 Operating Theatre”

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Thanks 88Forum (Ho Tam) for your extensive discussion about your favorite photobooks in the Tokyo Institute of Photography’s 10×10 American Photobooks Reading Room (11 September – 6 October 2013).


Installation View at the Tokyo Institute of Photography

Part One

Marie Noelle Catalano, “Vision: the Black Circle in the Middle of the Sun”

Part Two

Melissa Dubbins & Aaron S. Davison. “Fallen Books”

Part Three

Nowork. “Blotter”

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