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10x10 Japanese Photobooks Reading Room

About the Reading Room

10×10 Japanese Reading Room, a traveling pop-up reading room sponsored by the International Center of Photography Library and the Photobook Facebook Group, presents 100 Japanese photobooks from the perspective of 10 specialists who have each been asked to select 10 postwar Japanese photobooks or magazines. 10×10 invites the public to come in, browse and explore the books!

The project was initiated from 28 to 30 September 2012 at the ICP – Bard MFA Studio Space and coincided with the Art Book Fair at MoMA PS1. The Reading Room then traveled to the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, as part of the PGH Photo Fair (17 -18 May 2014), and the Unseen Photo Fair in Amsterdam (18-21 September 2014). At the end of the tour, all the books in the Reading Room were donated to the International Center of Photography Library, where they are still accessible to the general public.

About the Publication

An accompanying publication for the 10×10 Japanese Photobooks project was released on September 18th at Unseen. Learn more about the publication or purchase it.

10×10 Japanese Photobooks Reading Room Specialists

Dan Abbe and Andrew Thorn / PH
Tomoka Aya / The Third Gallery Aya
Ferdinand Brueggemann / Galerie Priska Pasquer
Atsushi Fujiwara / Asphalt Magazine
Yasunori Hoki / Super Labo
Akio Nagasawa / BLD Gallery
Christopher Phillips and Deirdre Donohue / International Center of Photography
Yoko Sawada / Osiris
Kunihiro Takahashi / Tosei-sha
Ivan Vartanian / Goliga

10×10 reading room featured Japanese photo magazines IMAAsphalt and Phat Photo.

In addition to the physical reading room, 10×10 Japanese Photobooks has also organized a virtual space where 10 online Japanese photobook specialists and bloggers recommend 10 books each for an additional 100 books of interest.

10×10 Japanese Photobooks Online Specialists

Ken Iseki / My New Notebook
Lilian Froger / 748= photobooks
Kohei Oyama / Parapera
Nicolas Codron / A Japanese Book
Victor Sira and Shiori Kawasaki / bookdummypress
Laurence Vecten / One year of books
Marco Bohr / Visual Culture Blog
Rémi Coignet + Nina Poppe / Des Livres et des photos
Marc Feustel / Eyecurious

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