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Collaboration: Salon #19

Collaboration: A 10×10 Salon Exploring the Relationship between Publishers and Photographers

On Wednesday, 5 April 2017, we gathered on Manhattan’s Bowery for conversation with some of the most talented independent publishers in New York and the photographers with whom they work.
The making of small run artists’ books and photobooks requires a special collaboration between artist and publisher. Each project is a creation individually tailored and designed by individuals working closely together: this salon is an exploration of the intense process of book-making, led by some of our foremost designers, publishers and artists.

Kevin Messina is the founder and creative director of Silas Finch, a publishing house and design studio based in New York. Its publishing program has established a reputation for producing titles of exceptional quality, with a unique approach to combining material and construction to support the artist’s vision.

Pau Wau Publications is an independent publishing press dedicated to the production of limited editioned books and zines of contemporary photography and art, founded in 2008 in Brooklyn, by photographer Andreas Laszlo Konrath and designer Brian Paul Lamotte.

Jordan Sullivan is a writer and artist living in Los Angeles. His photographs, curatorial projects and prose have appeared in numerous publications. His most recent book, Remaining Light, was published by Silas Finch (2016). He is the co-founder of the publishing project 205-A.

Mike Tan is founder and director of Rubber Factory, a contemporary art gallery specializing in photo-based works.

Romke Hoogwaerts is the founder of independent photobook publishing project Mossless (2009) and co-founder of Rubber Factory Posters (2016). He has also worked as a full-time photo editor at titles like MSNBC and Businessweek.

Cole Barash is a visual artist based is Brooklyn who also makes books. His work is experimental and focuses on the color-and-composition dialogue between two objects or moments.

And a big thank you to Stephanie and Jens for hosting at their photo studio loft.