— 10×10 Photobooks

About David Senior’s selection for the 10×10 Reading Room:

Most of the time, I am generally overwhelmed by the volume of materials that comes through the library where I work. In the process, I manage to see a lot of things. This suits my taste – I like the idea of accumulation and the strange and funny connections that can arise from chance groupings of books. They can tell a story or create a weird sentence. I also think that this is how thought works: – resembling a pile of books – where words and images mingle and bounce off of each other so as to create little messages and subtle truths.

Highlights from Senior’s selection:

David Horvitz. Sad, Depressed, People. (Vancouver: New Documents, 2012).
25 x 18 cm. (64 pp).

photo 1 (11) photo 2 (12) photo 3 (8)

David Wojnarowicz. Rimbaud in New York 1978-79. (New York: PPP Editions and Roth Horowitz, 2004).
Edition of 1000. 29 x 22 cm. (108 pp).

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David Senior is the Bibliographer at The Museum of Modern Art Library. He manages collection development of the general holdings of the Library as well as the selection of materials for the artists’ books collection. With Printed Matter, he organizes an annual program of events for the New York Art Book Fair.