— 10×10 Photobooks


About Joerg Colberg’s selection for the 10×10:

My selection of ten American photobooks reflects the breadth of the medium as much as it reflects my own taste. Thankfully, with independent or self-publishing having leveled the play field, books by almost unknown photographers stand a fair chance to get the exposure they deserve, just as much as those produced by major publishing houses. In much the same way, so-called vernacular photographs, smartly edited, can be seen alongside those by celebrated fashion photographers. The current photobook craze is unlikely to last – I expect the photobook market to consolidate over the next few years – but quality publishing will remain with us for a long time.

Joerg Colberg’s selection:

  • Michael Abrams. Welcome to Springfield. (Rockville, MD: Loosestrife Editions, 2012).
  • Chris Anderson. Capitolio.(Mexico: Editorial RM, 2009).
  • Richard Avedon and James Baldwin. Nothing Personal (Barcelona: Penguin Books, 1964).
  • Adam Bartos. Yard Sale. (Bologna: Damiani, 2009).
  • Raymond Meeks. Amwell, Continuum. (Portland, OR: Dumbsaint Editions, 2010).
  • Raymond Meeks and Mark Steinmetz. Orchard Vol. 3, Idyll. (New York: Silas Finch, 2011).
  • Jonathan Saunders. Dies Lunae XI Julius MMXI. (Self-published, 2011).
  • Charlie Simokaitis. Despite or Because of. (Self-published, 2011).
  • Jerry Spagnoli. American Dreaming. (Göttingen: Steidl, 2012).
  • Mark Steinmetz. South East. (Portland, OR: Nazraeli Press, 2008).

Jörg Colberg is the founding editor of the photography website Conscientious. Colberg writes regularly on photography for international magazines and authored introductions for artist monographs. He is a professor of photography in the MFA Photography Program at the Hartford Art School.