— 10×10 Photobooks

About David Solo’s selection for the 10×10 Reading Room:

Given the expansiveness of the criteria, I decided to limit myself to only books that I own, and to treat this invitation as another opportunity to navigate new paths and find interesting connections within my collection. There are certain consistent elements that attract me to artist/photo books in general: ideas from typologies to typography (and other interesting uses of text); work by certain publishers, designers, and artists; and in particular the hopeful disappearance or at least blurring of the line between artists’ books and photobooks. While these ideas drove my selection, I had a hard time with the concept – and even identification – of an American photobook per se.  As I assembled and edited my selection, I had to frequently check to determine photographer eligibility, and was surprised by a few who were and several who weren’t. This exercise reinforced for me how little nationality matters —especially within western artists’ and photo books. The result is a subset of an original selection that happens to be by American photographers and also reflects my interests and taste.

Highlights from Solo’s selection:

Tim Davis. Lots. (Paris: Coromandel Design, 2002).
24 x 31 cm. (72 pp).

photo 1 (14) photo 3 (11) photo 2 (15)

Sam Falls. Life Size. (New York: Karma, 2012).
Edition of 1000; 30 x 23 cm. (322 pp).

photo 1 (13) photo 2 (14) photo 3 (10)

David Solo is a New York-based collector of modern and contemporary Japanese and Chinese artists’ and photo books, photography and works on paper. He is involved with numerous art and photography organizations, including Asia Art Archive, the Center for Book Arts, the List Visual Arts Center, The Museum of Modern Art, Japan Society, the International Center of Photography and Aperture.